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I am a certifiable quiltaholic with a HUGE sable. (Stash Accumulation Beyone Life Expectancy)


My certifiable quiltaholic addiction started about nearly 10 years ago when I decided to hand-quilt a quilt top that my Grandmother gave to me. It was all hand-pieced with original 1930's fabrics. So I read up how to hand quilt, how to preserve and care for old, antique quilts and started in...well, with one-eighth of the quilt hand quilted I realized that it could take me YEARS to get the quilt top completed, meanwhile I needed more of an instant gratification...and thus, the plunge into the addiction of all things quilting. Starting from flannel scrappy raggy quilts, to very detailed appliqued quilts, I love it ALL! I started with a GMQ Pro Grace frame and a Janome 1600 (aka Matilda) and now I own a Tin Lizzie 18 (aka Tizzie) with a Falcon frame. Yes, call me crazy, I name my machines! My quilting studio is all smoke free, pet free. I do free-motion, free hand quilting, with a ton of practice, a couple of years of really working for excellence, I have starting making my own quilting designs, something you won't find anywhere else. I offer one of a kind quilts, I put together my own selection of fabrics (most generally not found in a quilt kit) and I let the quilt top "tell" me how to quilt it. Unique, individual, top quality, cherished and loved, one-of-kind handmade quilts.
I am a full time Mom (career choice) with a part-time job outside the home. I have a wonderful husband (C) and two goofy, crazy, lovable sons...BCB is an EMT, Firefighter, works at the hospital, lives not far. Dimple Cheeks is a Junior in high school and now drives, which I thought would free up more time to quilt....wishful thinking! I have been married for 23 years to my best friend. I live in Colorado (which is wonderful!) I get to see God's signature art everyday with the sunrises/sunsets and the mountains! My favorite stores include ANY quilting store, Best Buy, Home Depot and Lowes. Yep, I am not your average american girl!


applique, antique quilts, paper-piecing, batiks, 1930's reproductions, hand quilting, bed-sized quilts, wall quilts, table runners, baby quilts, quilts for a cause (especially breast cancer ribbon quilts) quilts as gifts, decorating with quilts, perservation of quilts